Mr. & Mrs. Kemper

The best day of my life .... I married the man of my dreams. Earth Joy helped make this day so incredibly special for us by helping with every detail from where our guests would stay, to setting up a great reception for our small wedding of 26 guests. Shelly is the most beautifully spirited woman and Nick and I were so delighted that she was able to marry us. The natural setting of the woods, the uniqueness of the tree houses, and the peacefulness of the property made our day so perfect for what we wanted our wedding day to be. Everything about the property is amazing. We also loved the red heart trail. ❤️


Mr. & Mrs. Siudzinski

Our wedding at the EarthJoy Treehouse farm was not a hair shy of a fantasy. The date was set in late September so the foliage had begun to change. The decorative lights truly made it look like something out of a fairytail. The seclusion of the location made me feel as if we were the only couple in the world getting married. It was private and intimate and with out a doubt perfect. The rustic look and feel of the place felt like home as the wind whipped through the trees. Bill and Shelly helped orchestrate everything and I couldnt have asked for better people to have a hand in the most special day of my life. Shelly held the ceremony with vows she picked for us and really brought home the importance of family and love. The area was plenty big for us to dine, dance, sing, and eat. Afterwards my husband and I retreated into the Aliyah Treehouse where we spent the night!