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About Your Venue

     Welcome to EarthJoy Treehouse Village!  

We are located in a historically beautiful, small town in Germantown, KY. A beautiful place for weddings.

    If you are someone that loves to be outside, loves to hike and call yourself adventurous, wants to slow down time and savor every minute of your wedding....We believe you found Your Wedding Venue.

At EarthJoy Treehouse village we give you exclusive use of our entire 200 acres, 3 treehouses, the farm house & magical trails. Treehouse weddings at EarthJoy are magical! You can get married in or around a treehouse, on our pavilion, in the woods or on top the mountain at sunset.

You can pick the package where  we take care of everything on the day of your ceremony including marrying you,  bartender, two wedding coordinators, guided tree climb and a bonfire attendant that will do a special ritual on the day of your wedding ceremony.

Or pick the budget package.

Our property is home to three beautiful treehouses as well as an old farmhouse and tobacco barn. One built by the famous treehouse master– Pete Nelson, known for Kentucky Climber’s Cottage; now on YouTube. In 2017, Canopy Kings built our second treehouse, The “Aliyah.” Finally just this year as of April 2019, my husband Bill built our 3rd Treehouse, 

the Old Hickory 11 11.

Please read through the packages & if this outdoor tree house venue resonates with you, reach out!!!



We offer an Ordained Minister

to customize your ceremony. 

We have a get to know meeting as well as write up and create the ceremony script with you for your big day !


Tour the Property


When we show you are venue we spend 1:1 time with you. Drink tea or hot chocolate.

Tour all three treehouses, the farmhouse and the pavilion. Stay to hike afterwards!


Wedding Venue

We offer a one of a kind outdoor Treehouse Wedding Venue.

We customize your day depending on WHO YOU ARE!  Ranging from a treehouse wedding ceremony, to special rituals that may include protection, bonfire and other nature elements.

Our unique SUNSET Sail Pavilion butts right up to an 1800 year old log cabin renovated into an  outdoor bar/kitchen.





"The best day of my life .... I married the man of my dreams. Earth Joy helped make this day so incredibly special for us by helping with every detail from where our guests would stay, to setting up a great reception for our small wedding of 26 guests. Shelly is the most beautifully spirited woman and Nick and I were so delighted that she was able to marry us. The natural setting of the woods, the uniqueness of the tree houses, and the peacefulness of the property made our day so perfect for what we wanted our wedding day to be. Everything about the property is amazing. We also loved the 

red heart trail. ❤️ " 

Colleen Kemper





What time can we set up for a Friday wedding? As early as 9AM.

What time can we set up for a Saturday wedding? 9AM unless there was a wedding the night before, then earliest would be 11AM or you can add on Friday night.

Can we have liquor? Yes you will be required to purchase a liquor liability policy along with your event insurance to protect yourself, guests and the venue.

If we don't have alcohol, do we still need additional insurance? Yes you are required to purchase your own event insurance and show proof of this 30 days after you book our venue.

What if it rains? The sunset sail pavilion will have pull downs to keep bad weather out.

Can we have more than 30 guests stay on the property? No, we only have enough beds and capacity for 30. The other guests can stay at Blue Licks State Lodge, French Quarters in Maysville, or other bed and breakfast in Augusta Ky.

However...You may be able to set up additional tents.  See additional information  in FAQs.